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At Boix Sawmill we aim at the comprehensive use of wood available in the area where we are located, for domestic and industrial purposes.

The timber production of our forests is our starting point. That is why we support sustainable management, to ensure the permanence of forest ecosystems and the continued timber production. Using this natural renewable resource available in our area, we assure silvicultural intervention in our forests, providing funding to improve their condition and reduce the risk of forest fires.

Industrial activity carried out in the sawmill Boix facilities are in continuous adaptation to the type of wood available in our forests, due to the changing needs of forest management.

We believe in people as one of our greatest assets, so one of our goals is to develop a professional team, as well as the continuous improvement of the system of health and safety at work.

All the activities are subject to compliance with any legal requirement. Our aim is to establish a team of skilled and stable workers and to achieve maximum involvement of all of them in our project. Our products are the result of innovative projects to transform the local raw materials to the needs of the market, giving customers a competitive top quality product.

Boix Sawmill is aware that lumber is a product that doesn’t require much energy to produce, compared to others. It also retains the carbon fixed in tree growth and contributes positively to the reduction of global warming.

Boix Sawmill Management Team


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→  Our commitment: Preservation of natural resources most precious, the forest  [PDF, 417 kB]


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