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SAWMILL BOIX, located in the Berguedà area, began its activities in Puig-Reig. It was in the 60s when we started to saw and make pallets.

After opening the BALARS CENTER, in 1973 SAWMILL BOIX made technology knowledge and sustainability the basis of its growth and established itself as the first company in the primary processing of wood in Catalonia.

Given the need to actively involve ourselves in the management of forests , we evolved technologically to adapt to the small lower quality wood in 1997 opening of THE SALTET PLANT.

Equipped with the latest technology imported from Quebec (Canada), with a processing capacity of 1000 tons per day, we reached a new milestone towards the competitiveness in the forest world and its comprehensive use.

A RESPONSIBLE AND ENTERPRISING TEAM started working to maintain and develop this project.

A year later, in 1998, the TAFISA-Sonae Group, joined us in our project. They were the leading producer of chipboard in the world. So with this addition we consolidated the industrial output of our products.

In April 2003, aiming to increase the value of our products, we participated in the creation and developement of applications for road WOOD needs, so a Company (AVF), engaged in manufacturing road containment barriers started.  In December 2003 FOREST BOIX was created. It is a company that allows us to manage forest resources directly and ensure the continuous flow of trunk supply which is needed for our production.

In 2009 we started the pellet manufacturing project, marketed under the brand ENERBIO. The project materialized in 2010 with the creation of Energy Applications of Wood.. Here we begin a new stage towards environmental sustainability through the creation of clean energy (heat and electricity) from the use of our own products, derived from the industrial process of sawing the trunk.

Today we continue working with our original entrepreneurial  spirit offering  our clients a great production capacity and guaranteed service.



Guarantee of quality and service, Boix!

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