Added value

•  Re-use

The sawing process generates tons of products fully usable for the creation of products such as chipboard, or others that can be used as a natural fuel.

•  Climate change

It is estimated that for every cubic meter of wood, a young tree has produced 0.7 tons of oxygen.
Sustainable management of forests, promoted by the current timber industry, involves an arrangement of our forests to maintain this rate of absorption of CO2 from the atmosphere, thus contributing to the fight against climate change.

The manipulation of wood requires less energy and water consumption than in any other material, which means less CO2 emissions.

•  Wood meets all the requirements for food safety
Wood offers many advantages for the food industry, such as the quality and strength for transportation. Different research has shown that microorganisms are trapped in the wood and then tend to disappear. This effect "buffer" or bactericidal is very useful in the food industry, because it provides hygienic conditions that do not occur in other materials , fact supported by the European legislation.


Renewable Energy at Boix Sawmill
The added value to the wood begins when sawing it and combined with a committed environmental policy , through the use of biomass as clean and sustainable energy, the use of biomass by-products generated in the industrial chain and return the heat obtained by the drying process of wood pellets.

Renewable energy at home
With the new project of manufacturing and marketing of pellets, we bring to the market an energy product environmentally friendly . The CO2 balance is neutral, as it is considered that closes the natural carbon cycle.

Clean energy and easy handling
The wood pellets are formed by compacting sawdust and shavings. This compaction increases the energy value per unit volume: its high calorific value and low volume, can solve storage problems and limited spaces.


Guarantee of quality and service, Boix!

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