Energy Efficiency

The activity of the first timber processing is one of the industrial processes that needs less energy and less water consumption..

Our production cycle does not generate waste..

  • All byproducts generated-chip, sawdust, bark, are used as raw material or as source of energy.
  • During the production of sawn timber, the bark generated is used to produce energy for the processes at Boix sawmill and heat-drying process for wood and pellets.
  • The sawdust and chips generated become in turn, the raw material for the production of pellets.

Not waste is generated, only new resources.

In Boix Sawmill, with the replacement of energy from fossil fuels to renewable energy and the use of by-products generated in the process of sawing, CLOSING THE CYCLE! —We create products which store CO2 and are also environmentally friendly.

The privileged location within the territory of Boix Sawmill supports the Catalan forest products for the production of packaging, with a minimum waste of energy:

Documentation (more information)

→  Just realize the environmental impact of transport!

Guarantee of quality and service, Boix!

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