Company engaged in the manufacture, marketing and installation of containment barriers for highways.

With wood as the basic element the visual impact of conventional barriers is reduced and they become fully integrated into the environment. —Our goal: Minimize the impact of road infrastructure on the land.

The proposed barriers mixed wood and AVF steel won the award for the best communication at the Catalan II Forestry Congress, held in Tarragona from 26th to 28th September 2007.

Applications Wood Road consists of three companies with extensive experience in their respective sectors, which combine capabilities for the joint construction of barriers.

AVF - Aplicacions Viàries de la Fusta uses: Serradora Boix, Macusa i Equip Tècnic Santandreu.   More information!

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Boix Products: natural wood products!     Integrated Quality Management

The basis of these products, is the wood from forests managed in a sustainable way that ensures the regeneration of resources and the environment.

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